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Collaborative Design

Building Collaborative Spaces

Dr. Ele Jansen who is a story/game designer and researcher/educator with a focus on collaboration and the commons. Throughout her PhD in Media/Design Anthropology she co-founded Learn Do Share, an operating system that works with Columbia University, NGOs and local communities to engage people in open innovation through storytelling and making. In our conversation Ele discusses shifts in technology and their impact on work, learning and creativity. She shares the value of collaborative spaces and also touches on shifts in ownership of IP and the reemergence of Guilds.

The Human Element: Designing Collaborative Learning Environments

Finding ways to ignite the imagination of many As I lead the first group of festival participants onto Lincoln Center’s Hearst Plaza, we’ve been battling a number of technical issues. The WiFi is cutting in and out and the phones that we’ve rented are freezing and crashing. On top of that, our Raspberry Pi-enabled Rotary Phone isn’t playing nice with the local beacon network. Meanwhile, teams on 4 different continents standby in cafes, offices, bedrooms, living rooms and co-work spaces. Over the course of the next 90 minutes they will lead festival participants, who are thousands of miles away, through a collaborative storytelling experiment designed to transform Lincoln Center into a crime scene. Today is almost 365 days from when we first announced the project from the stage of the New Y...

Welcome to Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things

Learn Do Share’s methodologies and frame works form the foundation for the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab (Columbia DSL). In fact Columbia DSL’s Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things prototype embraces the design principles of Learn Do Share and we’re taught directly in the School of Art’s MOOC. They resemble a line of ants transporting food back to a colony. Some carry rolls of tape, others clutch massive reams of butcher paper and a select few are the keeper of the scissors. Over a 100 people follow me out of the National Stadium located in Warsaw. We’re on a collective mission. Over the course of 90 minutes, the group will create a massive crime scene complete with victims, killers and motives. Together they will transform into a collaborative Sherlock ...

Bridging the Physical & Digital Worlds

Collaboration can be a bitch. Communication is often strained. Working across time zones with dispersed teams results in often heard phrases such as; “can you hear me?” or “let me restart!” ...

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