A community for open collaboration, design fiction & social innovation.

What is Learn Do Share?

Learn Do Share (LDS) is a grassroots innovation engine; a combination of events, labs and peer production. We are a community for open collaboration, design fiction and social innovation.

Our events and labs are gatherings for ad-hoc groups to meet, ideate and work out concepts for a common good.

Our peer production cycles help groups stay together to co-create prototypes of their collective imaginations. The most prominent are Caine’s Arcade, My Sky Is Falling, and The BUKE.

Through our efforts we explore the future of work and learning by rapidly prototyping, documenting and openly sharing our efforts.

Our books, documentaries and projects are carried forth by our participants to inspire other people to do the same.

Our Learn Do Share methodology and framework, which we like to call an OS (operating system) is being adapted by Universities, governments, organizations and makerspaces as a tool to help tackle wicked problems by harnessing storytelling, play, designing thinking and collaboration. Over the last four years, we’ve collaborated with Jorgen van der Sloot and FreedomLab to design and prototype a social innovation lab to explore solutions for complex problems. The Learn Do Share lab runs at our events as well as having been staged for Columbia University, the UN, the City of Los Angeles, PBS, UNICEF and the Danish Government.

Our Mission is drawn from a quote

What is the goal of this site?

This site is an effort to bridge our physical efforts (events, labs, projects, prototypes) which are synchronous activities into a digital space that enables a diverse group of global collaborators to join a slate of ongoing projects and prototypes.

Current & Upcoming opportunities

2016 Learn Do Share Fellowship with the State Department working on eDiplomacy and open gov development by harnessing story, play and design thinking. Details coming soon.

The Mesh Network in March/April of 2016 join a group of 40 participants as they step into a special Columbia University course designed to create a Mesh Network in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia. This will represent the first time that the neighborhood has internet connectivity. Interested please contact us at collaborate [at] learndoshare [dot] net.

Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things a prototype of the Columbia Digital Storytelling Lab (which utilizes the LDS OS) builds on its recent successful pilot that engaged 1,000+ collaborators from over 60 countries across 70 events in the last 12 months. This open prototype explores shifts in the authorship and ownership of stories while at the same time examining the ethical and political issues of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.  For more information please visit SherlockHolmes.io

The Living Station Project an effort to put the public back in public media. This partnership with PBS is centered on the co-design of a series of next generation stations that will serve as community innovation hubs that harness storytelling, play and design thinking to tackle complex challenges.

The value of participation

Help make measurable impact

Be part of global initiatives

Meeting new collaborators

Learn new skills that you can apply to your own work

Through Columbia University earn statements of achievement & accomplishment

If you’re interested in collaborating the first step is to join our community of collaborators. If you have questions or need anything please let us know.


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