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A Word About Methodology – EDIT

A Word About Methodology – EDIT

The foundation of this MOOC is based on a methodology for creating collaborative design spaces. Developed by FreedomLab and expanded by Learn Do Share, the EDIT process has four distinct parts:  EMPATHY; DEFINE; IDEATE; and TEST.

The first four weeks of the collaboration will use the EDIT methodology to prepare you for work on the Request for Prototype (RFP) in distributed teams across geographic boundaries, language boundaries, creative and skill boundaries, etc. Exercises such as “5 Times Why”, practicing nonjudgmental feedback, and using appreciative inquiry will ground the theories presented in the lecture content. More about the RFP can be found in Hackpad on the page entitled, “Sherlock Global Challenge RFP” here.

Then, in the following six weeks, we will delve a little deeper into the creative design and collaboration process. The EDIT methodology will be revisited and the RFP will help you solidify your understanding of the methodology as applied to the RFP through rapid prototyping, peer reviews, local testing and iteration of your designs based on instructor feedback.

Collaborative Guidelines

We’re working hard to establish a non-judgmental space that embraces “Yes, And…” thinking. This applies not just to your design challenges and work product on the RFP, but also in the way that you communicate and collaborate together in team workspaces. We have a few collaborative guidelines that we’ve used over the last 10 months that we’d like to share with you.

– Keep it fun

– Be kind

– This is a non-judgmental space

– Listen with intention

– Speak with passion

– Embrace “Yes, And…” thinking

– You are in an experiment

– This is emergent

– We embrace the fuzzy

– This is a copyleft project

– Learn Do Share

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