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Author: Lance Weiler

Bridging the Physical & Digital Worlds

Collaboration can be a bitch. Communication is often strained. Working across time zones with dispersed teams results in often heard phrases such as; “can you hear me?” or “let me restart!” ...

The surprising rise of Google’s new CEO

Competently create interoperable results after error-free resources. Energistically monetize team building imperatives via e-business innovation. Globally provide access to. Dynamically brand synergistic schemas via cross functional networks. Quickly visualize web-enabled strategic theme areas for cross functional e-business. Enthusiastically productize client-centered web-readiness without cost e...

Scarcity and Abundance

I’m obsessed with the concept of scarcity. The idea that scarcity can cause an object to have value well beyond its initial worth is fascinating to me. In 2007, Damien Hirst took an actual human skull, encrusted it in over 8,000 flawless diamonds and gave it a £50 million price tag. The skull sold in a shroud of secrecy as a group of private investors purchased it for a rumored £38 million — well ...

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